A downloadable game for Windows

what happened to my father? 

who is Wildcard? 

why is the government stealing people’s souls?

  • Hi-tec in-game terminal simulation
  • State of the art scan line hacking system
  • govCorp kill drone included free of charge

Inspired by The Static Speaks My Name, Gravity Bone and Anatomy.

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You can also contact me at verilliousdev@outlook.com

"a slick cyberpunk hacking adventure ... with a great degree of craft" - PC Gamer

"unique and unsettling" - Free Game Planet

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Version History

  • 03/07/17 - v1.2
    • Updated Credits
    • Added EULA
  • 29/06/17 - v1.1
    • New message system
    • Redesigned hacking level
  • 28/06/17 - Initial Version


katabasis_1_2.zip 322 MB

Development log


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is there any way to get the music on mp3? that industrial-ish rave track is incredible

Not entirely sure if this is a VR game, or there's something wrong on my end o.o (probably the latter)

Anytime I try to play this, I see the Verillous logo- then SteamVR opens and I get a message about video drivers crashing, then the game exits...which is mildly annoying, since this looks really good ;-;

Nice atmosphere and by nice I mean good, rich and engaging.  I enjoyed playing this and wanted more. The story and the game was just getting started when it ended. Please make more ;-)

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I really enjoyed this game! Congratulations! The whole design, music, and narrative really gets you fully involved in what's going on. I got the feeling that I was being followed and watched the whole time... so freaking creepy D: Would love to see more content like this! 


Hey MrAlpacaGames!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You can be sure I'll be releasing more free games (relatively) soon - I had an absolute blast making katabasis and I’m looking forward to making more stuff!


Loved the game! Hope to play more of yours soon. Music was so good and was sucked into the game instantly


Thanks wildcard2123! Sound design was a big priority for me, glad you liked it!


This was so darn good! The whole time I was playing I felt I was doing something subversive yet important. And then we got to the end and yeah... wow!

I loved the way you mixed the skill games with the story, really kept me invested in persevering! Keep up the awesome work =)


Hi MikeyBlighe,

Just finished watching your play-though - really enjoyed it. It's so gratifying to see people enjoying my work, especially with the comments you made at the end there!

Thanks for sharing :)

Hey there,

I am trying to run the game, however, right after the splash screen I am getting

"Video driver has crashed and was reset! Make sure your video drivers are up to date. Exiting..."

I am running a GTX 970 with driver version #384.76 (Latest as of today, I believe).

I dont see any log file output for further troubleshooting - any ideas?


Hi misnor, 

I'm sorry you're getting a crash - unfortunately I think this is a bug related to UE4 itself (the game engine I used to make katabasis).

I've looked up the error message and it looks like a lot of other games that use UE4 have had reports of this too (ARK, Squad etc.).

Some potential fixes I've found:

  • Rolling back your driver version (lots of people recommend this)
  • Setting "Power Management" in Nvidia Control Centre to "Prefer Maximum Performance"

Let me know how you get on when you have the time!


Power management tweak didn't fix it.

I rolled back to v378.66 (Feburary 2017) and it appears to be working.



No problem, glad you got it working!


Really enjoyed this actually. I like how the gameplay kept on changing it up so it never got dull. Not exactly what I was expecting, but it certainly ended up a pleasant surprise.
My only slight complaint would be that some of the white text is hard to read as it's often on top of a white background or object of some sort.

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Hi CjuGames, I really enjoyed your video! Thanks for sharing :)


Great game. Seriously, one of the most interesting and refreshing title of the year so far.

Beautiful art-style, interesting world, well tell and written story.

A short but great, captivating and interesting game.

I can't recommend this game enough.

I can't wait to hear more from other games you make.

Congratulations, you totally deserve a 5 stars.


Wow, thank you so much Lonelyheartproductions!


Really enjoyed the game, although the text dialogue that pops up went off the screen so fast I could barely read it.  So the majority of the story was lost on me.  But as far as game-play, the game was challenging, and unique.  Really like the hacking, with a bit of a Matrix feel to it.  One of the first 'levels' was so hard that I had to implement a glitch I found just to beat it.  So I might suggest a bit less of a jump from difficulty.  But I was able to finish it.  Glad to see this made it to the front page!


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Hi PsudoGrimm! 

I recently updated katabasis so that the player dismisses the messages whenever they want - hopefully this is a much better system! 

I also redesigned the level you're talking about so hopefully it's not so ridiculously hard now :')

Thanks for checking out the game!


loved the atmosphere and the twist! hope to see more from you soon


Thanks shrooms! Glad you enjoyed it!